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World War 11 titles
Rosie's War
ISBN: 9780007575305
Rosie Gardiner is ashamed of the vain and cocky girl she used to be - it brought her nothing but trouble.


Now she's a single mum raising her daughter, Hope, whilst trying to give the gossips a wide berth - they'd give their ration books to know who fathered the child.


Meanwhile the Blitz may be over and Hitler on the run, but that hasn't stopped him launching his new secret weapon on London's jaded citizens. Rosie's father wants to take Hope to Kent away from danger, but little does Rosie know he has his own reasons for clearing off.


Signing up for the abulance service, Rosie is determind to do her bit, but nothing can prepare her for the terrible destruction she witnesses. Distraction from the horror comes in an unwanted reminder from the past.


Rosie needs help, but should she put her trust in bad boy, Conor Flint, or is he just out for himself too? For Rosie, trouble never seems  very far away...

kay brellend, rosies war, book cover
The Windmill
ISBN: 9780007575299

The Windmill Theatre is proud of its boast that the theatre is 'never closed' despite London being brought to its knees by the Blitz.


For Dawn Nightingale, her job as a dancer provides a good living, though she draws the line at parading across the stage as one of the infamous 'tasteful' nudes.

Dawn also finds it hard not to get caught up in the petty rivalries of her fellow employees: Rosie, headstrong and naive, and Marlene, whose saucy behaviour is sure to land her in trouble. Then there's Gertie and Olive, the backroom girls who are constantly at each others throats.

But when Dawn witnesses a crime, she realises that there are worse things than being caught in an air raid. For the women of the Windmill Theatre and the men that they cannot escape, the pull of London's dark underbelly is never far away...

Kay Brellend, Campbell Road
Kay Brellend, the windmill girls, book cover
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