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A Bittersweet Legacy
(Three book series)
A Sister's Bond 
A Bittersweet Legacy Book 1
ISBN-13: 9780349415277

North London, November 1913. The storm clouds of war gather overhead, while one brave girl fights to save her family . . .

After her mother dies, Livvie Bone knows it's down to her to support her family and protect her younger siblings from their drunken father. But life in Wood Green in 1913 is hard and full of danger, and one night she needs protection herself. When the mysterious Joe Hunter steps in to help her, Livvie can't help but be drawn to him in spite of his unsavoury reputation.

Then Livvie is offered the chance to work at the Barratt's Sweet Factory. Suddenly she has a chance to better herself - and to offer her family a way out. Livvie's fragile beauty hides a formidable strength of character, and it doesn't take long for the factory manager, Lucas, to notice her. He is a man of the world, a sophisticated, compelling character and he can open doors to the kind of life Livvie has only dreamed of. But time is running out, for war is approaching, sweeping everything and everyone up in its remorseless path.

What will Livvie choose - and who will come back to her when the fighting ends?

kay brellend, a sister's bond, book cover
A Lonely Heart  
A Bittersweet Legacy Book 2
ISBN-13: 9780349415314

Growing up in fear of their cruel, drunken father, Olivia Bone and her siblings haven't had an easy start in life. But when Livvie's fiancé Joe is killed at Ypres, and he bequeaths her his house in Islington, it seems like the Bone family might finally escape the worst street in North London.

Though their new life is anything but settled, at least Livvie has a good friend in Matilda Keiver, and a better one in Lieutenant Lucas Black, her old boss at the Barratt's sweet factory. Lucas and Livvie might be from very different worlds, but he treats her with kindness and respect. As they become closer, she grows determined to assist with the war effort and help the brave men like him.

Livvie's life as a factory girl in no way prepares her for the sights she sees on the front line, where she enlists as a nurse - but amongst the violence and heartache, she finds new friends, and new meaning in life.

As she falls deeper in love with Lucas, Livvie realises he has secrets that he won't share - and that there can be no future for them without mutual trust.


But with the world at war, should Livvie follow her heart, or her head - before it is too late?

kay brellend, a lonely heart, book cover
The Way Home 
A Bittersweet Legacy Book 3
ISBN-13: 9780349415338

North London, 1916.


When Olivia Bone and Lieutenant Lucas Black shared a passionate kiss one summer's evening, it seemed as if their love might finally have a chance to bloom. But their brief happiness is cut short when Lucas is sent to fight on the front line, leaving Livvie uncertain if she'll ever see him again. And after a chance encounter with one of Lucas's old flames, Livvie is left doubting whether an ex-factory girl like her will ever fit into his world - and wondering if she would be better off protecting her heart.

While her friends in London busy themselves with marriage plans and dreams of babies, Livvie returns to France, throwing herself into her work as a war nurse on the Western Front. But when two German prisoners are admitted at the hospital, the dangers of war suddenly feel much closer to home - and Livvie is forced to be braver than she has ever been before . . .

Can Livvie and Lucas find their way to a brighter future before the war tears them apart?

kay brellend, the way home, book cover
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