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Campbell Road series
(Five book series)
Kay Brellend, Campbell Road
Kay Brellend, the street, book cover
The Street
ISBN: 9780007358632
(Campbell Road series book 1)
Alice Keiver is a sensitive girl, growing up in one of the roughest parts of North London.


As the daughter of an alcoholic mother, and niece of an abusive uncle, she dreams that one day she and her baby sister will escape their rotten surroundings.


Alice's father, Jack Keiver, works day and night to provide for his family. But his hopes for a better life are dashed each time he returns home to find the money-jar raided and his feisty wife Tilly collapsed drunk in the corner.


In the room below, Alice's downtrodden Aunt Fran spends most of her days nursing the injuries inflicted on her by her cruel husband Jimmy - but this time he's pushed the family too far and they're not going to let him get away with it.


Revenge is going to be sweet.
Kay Brellend, Campbell Road
kay brellend, book cover, the family
The Family
ISBN: 9780007358663
(Campbell Road series book 2)
In this dank corner of town, you have to keep your friends close and your enemies closer – even if those enemies are your family.


Jimmy Wild saunters around the streets of Campbell Road, and among the people he used to terrorise. Even though the years have passed, he’s still a tyrant. The sight of his lanky frame is enough to terrify the inhabitants of this close-knit community, who reside in this villainous corner of London.


Jimmy’s beautiful step-daughter Faye and his downtrodden wife Edie eek out a meagre existence for their family, having left behind their lives in Kent.


What devastating act was so bad that it drove them away from the place they called home to this hovel of a house in Campbell Road?

Kay Brellend, Campbell Road
kay brellend, book cover, coronation day
Coronation Day
ISBN: 9780007460182
(Campbell Road series book 3)
The residents of the tough streets around Islington are heartbroken at the death of George the VI but having a young Queen on the throne isn’t the only change that they can expect. 


The toughest street in London, Campbell Road, is due for demolition. One of the last residents remaining, Matilda Kiever, born and bred on the street, remembers many things about the past, not least what really happened to Christopher Wild’s mum, Pamela. Christopher thought she was dead, but it turns out she is very much alive. But before he can get to the bottom of things, trouble starts to brew on Campbell Road when, after months of tension between Stephen’s building firm and the local Irish Navvies, his father is injured and the finger of blame is squarely pointed at the Irish.

Kay Brellend, Campbell Road
kay brellend, the campbell road girls book cover
The Campbell Road Girls
ISBN: 9780007464166
(Campbell Road series book 4)
Lucy Keiver has come back from service in the country to London’s notorious Campbell Road.


She’s there to care for her mum, the forthright and feisty Matilda, recovering after a savage attack almost left her for dead. 


Despite the Great Depression affecting the country, Lucy is lucky to find a job as a Lady’s maid. But when she is unfairly dismissed, Lucy is forced to take a job in a seedy nightclub – something nice girls just don’t do. Meanwhile, for the Finch family up the road, their father Eddie’s criminal dealings are about to land them all in hot water, especially his attractive daughters, Kathy and Jennifer. 


When Lucy realizes that there is something rotten going on at the heart of the club, she is soon caught up in London’s criminal underbelly.


Can she trust the handsome stranger who offers her protection? Because when times are tough, some people will do anything to get by…

East End Angel
ISBN: 9780007464197
(Campbell Road series book 5)
Katherine and Jennifer Finch are like chalk and cheese: Katherine is a midwife, dedicating her life to helping others - and Jennifer is a prostitute.


Leaving home age 15 Jennifer must learn to live on her wits in London's notorious East End. Soon, however, she is battling drink and drugs, and is pregnant with a child. Her labour is nearly fatal, but her sister steps in to save the day. Kathy continues to attend to the poor of the East End and help her sister - and she of all people knows that the society Jennifer keeps is damaging her. Despite her best intentions, however, she begins to fall for a East End wide boy.

She knows that he is no good, but her heart will not listen to her head - and what's more, he has promised to change...

Kay Brellend, Campbell Road
kay brellend, east end angel book cover
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